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Meikon Ltd are proud to exclusively distribute a range of boards from NAT GmbH who specialise in high performance networking, automation and telecommunication solutions. CompactPCI, VME, PMC, MicroTCA (μTCA) and other form factors are available in standard or customised versions to suit your requirements. Visit NAT GmbH to find the latest information on this exciting product range.

Design and Build

Many companies cannot justify the overheads of an electronics design department, or perhaps available resources are fully committed. Meikon will design your boards, build them, stock them, and ship them fully tested allowing you to treat your custom solution as a standard part. We can act as an extension to your hardware development department on a project by project basis. Use our Design and Build scheme to receive built and tested boards against your own part number.

Featured Product


Designed and manufactured by Meikon, xLINK is a pair of boards used to connect a PC to a passive backplane PCI rack via a standard DisplayPort cable. This allows multiple PCI cards to be used in a slave rack with no additional software or drivers required.

At the PC end, a PCIe slot is used to accommodate a card that transfers all PCI signals to the cable. If multiple PCIe slots are available, then multiple PCI slave racks may be used in the complete system allowing for large systems requiring perhaps many I/O cards. It overcomes the limitation of PCI slots in modern PCs.

In the slave rack, an xLINK PCI master card takes the place of the processor card and becomes the bus master.

The xLINK boards.